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Animals in the current environment. Why is animal welfare an everyday concern?

Ask students who in the class has a dog? Who has a cat? Who has a pet? 
38% of Australian households own dogs; How does the class compare to the rest of Australia?


Discussion with students:
Animal welfare is an important consideration for the sustainability of industries utilising animals. You can see that we use dogs in a range of roles, including companion, protection, stock herding, detection, assistance and sporting contexts (Cobb, 2014). How do we treat these dogs correctly? We value their work how do we ensure the animals in our care are taken care of? What is animal welfare?


Brainstorm different kind of dogs in the workforce, map them on the board, eg:


                                    / Sheep
Eg. Dog - Working - Quarantine 
                                    \ Police  


Students will make a poster exploring the different roles of working dogs and how they are looked after. They will present and compare their findings with the rest of the class, these posters can be displayed throughout the unit of study and thereafter. 


Curriculum links and worksheets can be found in our APPENDIX

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