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Ethics within the science class. Is animal use sometimes important to further science?

Socioscientific issues are controversial social issues which relate to science. 

Animal research is a great introductory topic for young people to understand the ethics and implications of scientific research, helping them to think about their responsibilities as citizens. Define socio-science, can students think of any other issues? 


Debate. One side arguing for animal testing/animals in science, one against. No stakeholders defined in these debates to attempt to find moral stance when thinking about animal use. Is there any logical reasons why humans test on animals? 


Three potential topics to argue - 
1. Should Animals be given the same rights as humans?
2. Is animal testing morally right? Is it more moral if it reduces human suffering? 
3. Are some animals better for scientific testing than others? If yes, which animals are more suitable?


Curriculum links and worksheets can be found in our APPENDIX

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